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Water and Drainage

Monson has a Water and Drainage Team with many years experience of assisting local authorities, water companies and private organisations and individuals to solve drainage problems and improve drainage facilities. 

We are experienced in drainage strategies, topographical surveys, assessments and improvements and management of works on site, including site supervision and negotiating with third parties. 

Drainage Strategies 

Determining suitable out falls for surface and foul discharges, establishing feasibility of potential on and off site drainage networks, advising on statutory requirements and rights of connection

Expert Advice and Witness

Assistance in preparation of submissions to Planning Authorities and other statutory bodies in respect of drainage and flooding, attendance at public inquiries and appeals

Feasibility Studies 

Establishing feasibility of improvement or alteration to drainage, water supply or watercourse

Topographical Surveys 

On-site surveys of land and buildings, ground modelling 

Water and Drainage Systems 

New Systems and improvements/replacement of pipes, pumping stations, watercourses and storage 

Development Sites

Design of infrastructure, foundations and superstructure for single unit to area-wide developments including on and off site drainage

Preparation of tenders 

Competitive tendering against bill of quantities, schedule of rates or drawings with specifications. Covering all water, drainage and related work. 

Tender Reports 

Advising clients on tenders returned and providing report to guide on final selection of contractor 

Project Management of work on site 

Ensuring work is undertaken in accordance with specification and other documents. Service ranging from occasional sire visits to full time site presence 

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