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Traffic and Flood Risk Assessments

We can help establish any highway and traffic needs for your development and meet those in the most effective manner. 

We can provide services covering preliminary assessments, through surveys and projections to providing reports and appraisals including Transport Assessments and Green Travel Plans, whilst taking on negotiations with the Planning and Highway Authorities. 

Monson has extensive experience in carrying out flood risk assessments to formulate strategies to reduce existing flooding problems or assist in controlling the risk of flooding on new development sites.

Initial Traffic Advice 

Providing Early feedback to advise client of potential traffic implications of proposed work 

Surveys and Counts 

Traffic flow counts, speed surveys and projections for future traffic generation 

Transport Assessments 

Assessing traffic impact on developments, advising on junction/access design and negotiation with Planning and Highway Authority. Production of Transport Assessments, Safety Audits and Travel Plans. 

Initial Flood Risk Appraisal

Establishing likelihood of achieving an acceptable solution and advising on requirements for detailed assessment 

Flood Risk Assessments 

Assessment of peak river flows, hydraulic modelling of watercourses, determining overtopping rates, submission of FRA to Environment Agency 

Expert Advice and Witness 

Assistance in Preparation of submission to Planning Authorities and other statutory bodies in respect of highways and traffic or flooding risk, attendance at public inquiries and appeals 

Topographical Surveys 

On-site surveys of land and buildings, ground modelling 

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